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General Information

The 20th annual GENSB-tournament will be held at Retie on August 26th 2017. Retie is situated in the the eastern part of the “Antwerpse Kempen” (a sand-ground area). It is a rural village of 4,840 ha, surrounded by the villages of Arendonk, Mol, Dessel, Geel, Kasterlee and Oud-Turnhout. This makes it the most sparsely populated village in the area. It also is the less industrialised village.

Typical elements in the landscape are the numerous winding brooks. They form the basin of the “Kleine Nete” which flows alongside Kasterlee and grobbendonk in the “Grote Nete”.

Source : where you can also have a look at the local dialect. In cause you might want to associate with the locals.More about Retie at and at

Your stay has been arranged at the holiday-centre “De Linde” (“The Lime”). De Linde is situated in the kasteelstraat, Retie, at only 200 metres from the competition area. You will stay in rooms of 4-6 persons each. Breakfast and supper will be served at the premises. For only € 95 a person you will enjoy two breakfasts, two suppers and two nights stay in lovely Retie. More information :