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International Youth tug of War Tournament GENSB

The GENSB tournament is founded in 1998 by Germany, England, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. The spirit behind the tournament is to bring young athletes, between 12 and 19, from different countries together to compete at an international level. At the same time international friendships are formed and tug of war gets introduced to the youth.

Every year, another country gets the opportunity to organise the GENSB tournament on the last Saterday of August. A variety of countries from all over the world comes to this tournament to pull against other passionate boys and girls. Therefore official tug of war rules are used.
This tournament is a low budget event, where each participant pays a low fee for food and accommodation. Therefore the number of participants grows every year. In 2011 there were 54 teams who had participated at the GENSB tournament.

The event starts on Friday with the arrival of the athletes so they get the possibility to take a look at the area, competition field, accommodation,... Saterday morning the teams weigh-in, followed by official salutations at 10:30. The tug of war competition starts at 11’o clock.